Tesvan Projects by Business fields

In Tesvan we are QA outsourcing service providers taking over about 30 projects in various business fields (more about it later in this article).

Our engineers either handle each project on their own or work in pairs. We highly encourage pairwork. In the opinion of our management, it is a practical approach for employees and the company.

What kind of projects does Tesvan team deal with?
Financial, Blockchain, Gambling, AR/VR, Managemental, Telecommunication, Legal, and so on…

Every project has its specifics and nuances. So each of them requires an individual approach and unique work techniques.
To succeed, testers need to dive deep into a project, understand the main business logic, and clearly envision all the workflows. Only after that, they would embark on their main responsibility: organizing and maintaining the testing process.
Moreover, each engineer must be capable of taking responsibility for the corresponding project, and be ready to take all the challenges and possible risks.
At this point, we have adopted the following approach:
Tesvan’s management seeks to know each employee as well as possible. It is done to discover each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, interests, and passion.
Why? Because it will help us to choose the right person for every new project.
Fortunately, we have only good experience with the aforementioned.
With our flexible team and reasonable managerial approach, we always succeed!

Now, let’s talk about our projects per their business lines.


Entering a new “world” called blockchain was a little challenging but extremely interesting for us. To be able to handle the testing process, we had to explore this domain deeply and gain much knowledge. First of all, we needed to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies, crypto-wallets, and other related stuff like p2p protocols, smart contracts, Proof of Work (PoW), etc.
To implement the blockchain testing, we were provided with a local blockchain, which gave our QA engineers better flexibility and freedom.

Lusine: I like trying myself on different projects and discovering new horizons for me. So, I started working on a blockchain testing project, knowing that it would be something new and challenging for me, but I couldn’t imagine that it would be so interesting.

Finance and Insurance

We have several big projects in this sector.
Those are different applications with different specifics but with one shared aspect: these kinds of applications are very complex both for development and testing.
So, the testing of financial applications requires an extremely detail-oriented and analytical approach. In the scope of testing, our engineers also deal with important procedures such as anti money laundering and anti-fraud inspection. Those actions have huge importance from a business perspective, as they are meant to prevent all kinds of illegal activities posing danger for the company and country’s economy as a whole.

Merine: Even the scariest algorithms seem easy if you do you work with love!


Another interesting and provoking area where our team has an experience.
Gambling platform testing is not easy, it requires experience, skills, and knowledge of the latest technologies and tools.
Talking about gambling industry testing: we were engaged in online games testing, especially for Sports betting and Online Casinos.
We provided full testing that covered all the following points: Compatibility Testing, Functional testing, Localization testing, Penetration testing, Performance testing, Payment testing, and Usability testing.

Arman: Yes, the overall process was interesting.
The biggest challenge I have faced was understanding the main logic of the gambling system. There was a nice dynamic that pushed me to learn and discover more and more. To the question, “Is there a risk of getting attracted to such games and starting playing them?” My answer is unequivocal: NO. Honestly, I have never been interested in such games. And now, already experienced in gambling testing and understanding how these platforms function, I can surely say that this is something that can never attract me as a player. But testing… yes. With pleasure!


We have handled the testing of a large project for a telecommunication company.
Here, one of the challenges was the fact that we had to deal with microservices, which are more complex compared to monolithic applications. It is also a very responsible and important area. Testing required consistency, a flexible mindset, and lots of technical skills. Telecom testing suggests also working with huge databases and prioritizing data security. Our QAs did their best to handle the testing process as expected and even better!

Andranik: I just would like to say one thing. Don’t underestimate little, daily things. You can’t even imagine how much lies behind a simple SMS you receive every time topping up your balance!


Let’s close the list with another interesting but not less challenging testing experience.AR/VR technology testing may seem complex and scary at first sight. But, it is far from the reality if you are a real gadget geek. To succeed in this testing, testers should be passionate about new technologies, have out-of-box thinking, and be ready to have a learning attitude. Here, the key is to understand what we are testing. What is it designed to do? If it is clear, everything goes smoothly!

Ara: I was excited to be engaged in a team doing AR/VR testing. I dived into the application and just enjoyed the working process. While working on testing, I have also learned a lot of nuances that I would hardly find elsewhere.

We can’t cover all our projects in only one article…
So keep up with us and read about our other projects in our following blogs!

Article is initially taken from our website. Check it out!



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